Meet the Born Automation family.

About us

Our firm, with its ten years of experience in the private sector, after passing through processes like the assembling of electrical automation panels and sensors, wiring, software commissioning, maintaining, improving and restoration activities during the production phase, Born Automation has made its name known in the sector. It aims to share experiences like in process automation software, troubleshooting, revision, improvement and consultancy with our customers.


We are proud of the projects we’ve completed.
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We are thankful for our customers who’ve chosen us.

Our Quality Policy

Our firm which serves in the field of automation systems has determined its policy based on these following matters to make our quality management system the best.
Our goal is to provide quality consciousness in all processes in a systematic and sustainable way and to improve our system by following quality management rules.


We see creativity as the source of our added value providing work and as Born Automation, we constantly improve our knowledge and competencies for the sustainability of this resource.


We collaborate with our employees, clients and suppliers in line with the mutual goals, we share the pride of both the responsibility and the success.

Customer Relationship

In line with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction, we care a lot about understanding customer expectations and meeting these expectations constantly.

Work Ethic

For the efficient management of our company we establish our relationships with the customers, the society and each other based on ethical and legal grounds; we always act with honesty, fairness and transparency, and keep our promises.


We follow national and international laws, regulations and values; respect the work lives of our customers and suppliers; pay attention to be reliable in our relationships.


As the family of Born Automation; we consider quality a form of lifestyle and we reflect this value to our products, our services and our customer relationships.

Our Vision

It is to show the whole world that Turkey is not left behind when it comes to automation by using latest technology automation systems and with reaserch and development studies causing high productivity, gaining our country added value providing high systems by leading the industry.

Our Mission

It is to continue to be a company that can respond to customer needs from projects and technical coordination to maintenance and repair with its experienced engineers and technicians who are visionary, followers of technology, and achieved to bring the sector to the forefront with its reliability.