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BornAR (Augmented Reality) is the app of the Production Management System designed with the Augmented Reality technology and turn into reality. With the BornAR app, production chiefs, operators and technicians can access to the machine’s production performance and any data they want to display in real time by showing the camera in their smart phones, tablets or AR glasses to the AR label on the machine while walking around the production area.

a- The data of the machines can be visualized and shown in real-time.

With the BornAR App, you can see the data on the camera image of your AR Glasses or your mobile device, and analyze the data better and faster with digital graphics and visuals provided with AR technology.

b- Online machine monitoring can be done.

You can follow many information in real-time like that machine’s stoppage information, production amount, work amount and operator working information while you are walking around in your production area without having to ask the operator in charge or the managers in the office just by holding your AR glasses or the camera of your mobile devices to the AR Label on the machine. Thanks to BornAR if it is working at a lower level than planned you can take precautions before the shift is over, or you can work on your planning if it is working at a faster level.

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